SEEN Reviews

What People are Saying

“What strikes me about SEEN is the wholeness and dimensionality in which survivors can and want to be seen…what was done to us by predators and assailants, this book vividly shows the reach and power of growing into a new self-created identity post- victimization. The images….are so powerful precisely because the survivors see themselves as both vulnerable and powerful, wounded and resilient.”

Ashley Judd
Actor, activist, author

“If you have ever doubted the power of photography to influence, change and re direct the course of people’s lives, then look no further than Dan Heller’s, “SEEN”. This is seriously good work… images captured through compassion, sensitivity and the vocabulary of a story teller. It is one thing to look through the lens; it is another to live through it. Dan’s work draws us in to experience intense subject matter in a new and thoughtful way.”

Paul Polycarpou
Editor, Nashville Arts Magazine

“Absolutely brilliant and transcendent. Simultaneously devastating and uplifting.”

Heidi Campbell
Tennessee State Senator

“SEEN is a stunning portrayal of the pain and utter courage of survivors of sexual assault. The survivors’ haunting portraits…are powerful testimonials to the strength and ongoing recovery of the individuals who shared their stories.”

Dr. Bethany Brand
Trauma assessment specialist and therapist, Townson, Maryland

“Dan captures something special in each of these portraits. He worked in an incredibly sensitive way with each survivor and told stories we never expected. Each image reveals the emotional heart of a survivor’s healing process. It’s the essence of what we do, and we are really excited to share Dan’s work with the world.”

Rachel Freeman
President & CEO, Sexual Assault Center

“Profoundly powerful. Stunningly beautiful. Fiercely strong. Exceptionally authentic. Remarkably optimistic. Extraordinarily brave. Incredibly inspiring. Dan Heller poignantly captures these qualities in the photographs and stories of survivors sexual violence in “SEEN”…I am excited to share this book with clients who are at the beginning of their healing journey to help them see that they are not alone and to feel hope about the possibilities for transformation that come with stepping into the light, stepping into their power and using their voice to be seen, heard and believed.”

Elizabeth Andersen
Clinical Therapist, LPC-MHSP, Registered Play Therapist

“I am so honored to be a part of this project. Dan and the SAC have made me feel so safe and taken care of during the entire process… I am excited to share our stories with the world and hopefully help even one person know they are not alone.

Jenna McDaniel